I’ve been ascending all of my life! Forever moving onward and upward! I live in the valley, surrounded by mountains all around.  I love going up mountains embracing each curve and turn.  It’s a constant reminder that no matter how hard the road may be on whatever journey you are on, once you get to the top of your mountain, the view from the top is always amazing and worth the trip.

Below I stand on the rooftop of a building in our downtown district.  Ascended above the buildings along with the mountains.


Star City #Itoja

Another view from the rooftop.  You can see the Art Museum ascending behind me.


Star City #Itoja

My family loves to cruise.  This summer we traveled on the Allure of the Seas with Royal Caribbean.  The inside of the ship was humongous.  Seventeen floors high where you had to literally tilt your head back to see all the floors.  In the picture below I sneak a picture of my family walking the ship; an outside area on Deck 8 with live trees.  They had no idea I saw them here and snapped a pic.  I was on a higher deck and saw them through a window.


Allure of the Seas #Itoja

A rock climbing wall on the Allure of the Seas ship that ascends six floors high.  No I did not climb it. LOL


Allure of the Seas #Itoja

Another view of the ship that shows how the decks ascend up! I love this city on water.


Allure of the Seas #Itoja


*This post was inspired by the weekly photo challenge titled Ascend**


Ascend. Ascending. Ascended.

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