Ludacris & Llama’s

Back in July when my nephew was only two years old, he turned three this past October, he fell in love with the book Llama LLama Red Pajama.  Like most kids, he loves music and loves to dance.  So when I ran across a YouTube video of a radio station in California featuring music artist rapping the words to this Llama Llama Red Pajama book I knew I had to show him.If you’ve never seen this video take a look here:


Being a lover of music myself, I thought this was pretty amazing.  What better way to incorporate two of my favorite things; those being reading and music.  Besides, Ludacris was a beast at rapping the words to this book.

I knew first hand how important reading was to young children.  Which is why I read books continuously to my daughter during her infant and toddler years, all the way up into elementary.  Mostly at night before she went to bed.  That was my way of getting her to sleep in her own bed too (the struggle).

**TIP** read to your toddler before bed – in their bed – until they fall asleep**

We started out with picture books.  Books for her level at the time.  I would read the few words on each page.  Then I would get her to tell me what was going on in the book by looking at the pictures in the book and just using her imagination.  As she got older, and started learning site words, I would read a page and she would read a page.  By the time she was in kindergarten and first grade we were reading chapter books.  She would read a chapter and I would read a chapter.  She fell in love with books!  We loved the Junie B Jones chapter books.  They were more on her level, they were funny, they were silly; and there were a ton of them!

Fast forward ten years later, to when my nephew was born, I wanted to introduce books to him as well.  I ordered him a magazine subscription when he was just one!  My sister thought I was crazy! LOL  It was an animal book with lions, tigers, and bears and such that was centered around his age.  Mostly pictures.  So I wasn’t completely crazy.  But I did call her to remind her to read to him and let him look at the pictures.

Now that he was two and I had ran across this Llama Llama book and a video that he could perhaps relate to, I knew I could get his attention.  After showing him the video, immediately he started dancing and after a few rounds of playing the video over and over, he was starting to recite some of the words.  This went on for several days.  I decided to FaceTime him to plan a day for just the two of us; we were going on a date!  It was going to be Auntie’s day (he calls me Auntie) and we were going to Chik-Fil-A and to the bookstore for reading time.  We both couldn’t wait for the next Friday to roll around.  By the way, he loves being with his auntie!!

Here are some of our pics:

Does your child have a favorite book?  Do you have a special way of getting them reading and enjoying books?



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