What a mighty good man!

Grandparents are amazing!  They are the cornerstone of the family and often the glue that hold families together.  Throughout the years the role of child, parent, and grandparent revolve around each other.  My parents are the amazing grandparents to my child as my grandparents were to me.

I was the first grandchild on my maternal side of the family.  Just about every weekend was spent at grandma’s and granddaddy’s house.  They spoiled and nurtured me.  Somehow spending the night at your grandparents house was always better than staying at home.  Perhaps its the extra scoop of ice cream you get at night or the pretty shoes you get while you’re out with grandma.

For years this was my routine.  To me there was something about listening to your grandparents conversations on a Saturday morning at the kitchen table; while you watch your grandfather eat Corn Flakes with sliced bananas as he glanced over the newspaper and grandma is cooking and cleaning.

My grandfather was a family man and a provider.  As a child I thought he was rich.  Everything he ever wanted he purchased in cash.  From TV’s, furniture, vehicles, jewelry and even vacations.  He made sure all of the house bills were taken care of and that my grandmother was taken care of.  I learned later that he was an awesome saver and not particularly rich.

I remember him being stern and head-strong, but also gentle and loving with really soft gray hair.  In 2014 when he passed unexpectedly it was difficult for everyone in our family.  When we all met at the hospital after he had passed away all you could see in the room were tears.  For many years he had taken care of his family either directly or indirectly.

During this time, I was laid off from work and I was able to spend time with my family as we prepared for his services.  This was a blessing to me because I only wanted to be with them.  I went to all the meetings to make arrangements, I helped shop for his last viewing, as well as clean the house to put on the market to sale.  My grandfather had always been there for me and I wanted to be sure I was there for him this last time.

I would never forget the last time I saw him alive.  I decided to go visit him about a week before he passed away.  It was so ironic because I debated if I was going to go visit him that day but finally decided that I should go.  I was very elated that I made that decision because that was the last time we would be able to spend together.  We joked with each other, laughed together, and took selfies.  When I left that day I never knew that it would be my last time visiting him.img_2654

It wasn’t until after his death when I found out how great of a man my grandfather really was.  I say that because he was certain not to leave any debt behind and made sure my grandmother would be taken care of even after his passing.  His life insurance was intact, there were no lingering bills, nothing!

A good man is one who leaves an inheritance for his family (Prov. 13:22).

After he was gone he was still here taking care of his family.  To me that was a great man!

Today is his birthday! I wanted to dedicate this post to him.  Happy 83rd Birthday, Granddaddy!  We all love and miss you very much!!

Have you started preparing for the future and making sure that your family is taken care of even if you’re not here?  It’s something to think about.


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