Shine Bright like a Diamond

Immediately when I think about the word Sparkle two things come to mind. 

  • The Holiday Season.  Everyone dressing up in their best sparkly attire; the slimming blacks, shinny golds, shimmering silvers, and radiant rose golds as they go from one party to the next.  It has always made me feel extra special.  When I walk in the room its like, “I have arrived.” LOL  I asked friends how dressing up made them feel, even when it wasn’t Holiday Season and perhaps not sparkling from head to toe.  One friend had this to say:

“I feel confident; like I can do anything I put my mind to.  I feel pretty opposed to just being in sweats with uncombed hair.”   ~Takoiya K.

It was evident that dressing up played a major role in how we viewed ourselves and our ability to get things done.  Another friend stated this:

 “I love dressing up!  I feel beautiful, confident, and flawless.  Now that I dress up everyday for work I’m more motivated.  When I could wear jeans and sneakers to work I realized I felt powerless.  Plus, my man loves when I dress up!” ~Brandi S.

Both quotes dance around the same ideas of being more confident, motivated, and present.  I have noticed a total relaxed society over the pass 10 years or so compared to when I was a kid.  We hardly dress up for anything these days.  For me, I can’t wait for the next opportunity to dress up.  Sparkles!  Shimmer!  Maybe Leather!  It doesn’t matter what your personal style may be as long as you are aware of how you are feeling in that particular moment.  Shine Bright!

  • The next best thing to dressing up in your sparkles is listening to Anjelah Johnson, a stand-up comedian, impersonate many workers across the World doing manicures for a living.  When I heard this clip a few years ago, I know I laughed for hours.  I must have watched this YouTube clip about 20 times that day.  Everything she was saying was so true.  You have to watch until she get to the “Sparkle like Diamond in the Sky” part in order to understand the sparkle correlation and why it stands out to me.

Let me know your stance on dressing up in your sparkles and how dressing up makes you feel.  Also, what did you think about the video?


This post was inspired by: Daily Prompt: Sparkle

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