1(3 amigo) = Migos

I have to set the record straight.  I am here for all the mumble rap….the culture….beats…..the ad libs….everything!  I love me some MIGOS!  Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff.  But I often get Offset and Takeoff mixed up.  I have to ask my 13 year old daughter, is that Takeoff…no wait is that Offset. They look alike (shrugging shoulders).  And if you didn’t know Takeoff is Quavo’s nephew and Offset is Quavo’s cousin AND they are all around the same age.  Yea it’s a ghetto situation but a lot of us have crazy ghetto-like situations in our own families.  I also love when they announce Offset as he’s about to spit his verse…and they’ll be like Offset….woot woot woot woot woot as I do my arm movements (it’s the same movement you use to do on the highway while passing an 18 wheeler so they would blow their loud horns).

Their message may not be the best but they are just stating what they have experienced in their life.  That’s how Rap was originally created, right?  That’s also why many people never liked Rap because artist were simply stating facts and a lot of times the Truth Hurts!

Their latest album, CULTURE was released in January 2017 and by June 2017 they had already reached Platinum.  My favorite song is Slippery.  Like I said, the lyrics are explicit, they talk about drugs, sex, etc etc……but the beat draws you in.  If these things bother you, you may need to search for the edited version.  That’s if one exist.  For me, the beats, the flow, the vibe, just puts me in a feel good mood…I really don’t care what they are saying, to be honest. I often listen to the whole album from front to back with no skips. It never gets old.

Are you down with the Culture tho? What’s your favorite song?


2 thoughts on “1(3 amigo) = Migos

  1. To each its own with music, but explicit lyrics are something I try to avoid and definitely keep my children from. The black community is plagued with music that supports a callousness towards women, sex, drugs and violence. I will not say that I haven’t rocked to a Migos song, but to say I don’t care about the lyrics is a stretch. You can’t think that “feel good” is isolated. You “feel good” for a reason. The music is invoking an emotional response. I think in times where everything goes, we have to maintain some values and set ourselves apart as Christians.


    • That’s fair. To me music is art. Do people interpret art different ways, of course. Words in a song do not dictate my Christian values just because I listen to them. If I decide to act on it, then that’s different. I appreciate your honesty and feedback. God Bless!


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