I Made It

Welcome to I “Toja”! After many months of debate and questioning…I made it! I’m here.  I really enjoy writing and I’ve toyed around the idea of writing a book and just didn’t think that was the road I wanted to travel.  The next best thing and perhaps the best thing for me was blogging. So let’s jump right in!If you don’t know me personally, you’re probably asking yourself who and what is a Toja?  Well, Toja is ME! It’s a nickname that my mother gave to me sometime in high school. How she got Toja out of Toya, ‘til this day, I’m really not sure. I don’t think she even knows.  I guess we will blame this one on the culture. We (Black people/the culture) will have a nickname for the nickname.  Just so you know, it’s pronounced like “Told ya” so as a play on words, I’ve named my blog after me…and as a way to say “I told ya”.

Now that that’s out the way, this blog is to serve an instrument that bridge readers together over experiences, culture, food, travels, daily life, the good and the bad, and so much more. I couldn’t just narrow it down to one thing.  I’ve been known as a jack of all trades for many years. I can literally do anything, but the way my mind is set up it’s constantly gravitating to different things at different times.  I’m indecisive. I change my mind a lot. And if we’re ever going out to eat, I’m always last to order because I NEVER know what I want.  With that being said, there was no way that I could box this blog into one specific category.  Hence, why I had a hard time choosing a major in college (more on this later) and settled for the General Studies major. Yup, it’s a very broad degree where I’ve studied a little bit of everything. So when I act like I know it all. I really do.

I’m  kidding!
I plan for this blog to not only cover a wide range of topics, but I want it to serve as the voice of us all.  Think of it as OUR blog.  I am eager to learn what my followers are interested in discussing. Let’s be clear, I’ve been known to be an unbiased person. I’m a little conservative, liberal, modest, and a whole lot of humble and black! If that makes any sense. I’m a reality show junkie, I’m down with the culture, I love hip-hop, I’m a preachers kid, foodie, I love all things wine and the list goes on and on.  So yes, we will talk about it all.  Right here!

It is also my goal to use this platform to highlight startup businesses, entrepreneurs, etc.  It took me a few years to figure out my calling, but I later found out that my calling was being a giver.  I love promoting businesses and services that I find valuable.  If you are one of those businesses who would like to be featured in a blog post, no matter where you are, please complete the info under contacts.

Finally, let’s connect. The goal is to take this blog worldwide and I’m confident that with my friends all over the place, literally, I’ll be able to do that.

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Let me know your thoughts and interest.

I can’t wait to talk with you!


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